Spencer Reid inspired

Spencer Reid inspired




Thirty things to do in the thirteen years before I’m thirty.


Long time no speak.

I turned 17 in august, this weekend I’m looking at a university. I study Law and college and honestly I’m just feeling a bit like my life is going too fast and I’m growing up a bit too fast. I do like the luxuries that are involved in growing up, for example i just bought my first car, but that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to be 18 next year. That honestly terrifies me, two of my best friends just turned 18 and I’m scared.

Getting to the point, I haven’t really achieved much in my 17 years (admittedly I’m not really sure what I could have done but that’s not the point) and I’m sick of wasting my one life on nothing at all, so I’ve come up with a list of 30 things I’d like to do/achieve before I turn thirty

  1. Get a passport. I have never had one which is sad.
  2. Overcome my fears of flying. I’ve never been on a plane but the though sends me in a frenzy
  3. Attend a university and study either Law or Criminology. no explanation here just love it.
  4. Graduate university with a degree in Law or Criminology.
  5. Live abroad for six months-1 year. I want to live somewhere different but not for long I love England too much.
  6. Drive route 66.
  7. Travel to Japan.
  8. Travel to America.
  9. Spend a month in New York.
  10. Volunteer for a charity.
  11. Buy a house.
  12. Have a sausage dog (or two)
  13. Travel across Australia
  14. See the northern lights
  15. Live in London
  16. Attend Vidcon
  17. Attend Summer in the City.
  18. Get a YouTube following.
  19. Go to every country in Europe
  20. Go to reading festival.
  21. Meet Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
  22. Visit Hawaii and learn about their culture not the tourist culture we see on tv.
  23. Travel across the world, learn about different cultures.
  24. Learn a language
  25. Create a Photography book.
  26. Ride in a Hot air balloon.
  27. Drive through all fifty states
  28. Host a foreign exchange student
  29. Start a holiday tradition
  30. Make a short film

If I can accomplish these things in the next 13 years, I would be so very happy.

It’s also 3 am when I’m writing this so I’m probably delirious

Thanks for reading!